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→ Real People, Real Results: Performance Based Research

→ Real People, Real Results: Everyone Is Different, Hear Their Story

→ Who Uses ASEA? The Athletes You Can Find In Our Community

→ The Performance Lab: How 106 Overweight Women Were Effected

→ Gene Study: What Is Actually Happening When You Take ASEA?

– Performance Based Research: What They Did & How They Tested For Increased Performance –
Who Did This Research?
The Human Performance Laboratory at Appalachian State University, North Carolina Research Institute
This research team provides valid research for some of the largest companies in the world. The entire mission by this lab is to understand the connection between nutrient and health and performance.
What Do They Research?
The procedure performed is a double blind study, providing random test subjects one of two samples (1=ASEA, 2=placebo), which then performed physical exercise (cycling 75 km.)drawing blood samples and other analytical testing, the test subject then switched samples and the same tests were performed. This allowed for thorough understanding of the samples within the same internal state (the persons body).
Why Does This Matter?
The Results found were not just found on those who exercised, the results were found simple by drinking ASEA alone, resulting in chronic benefits to the body. This means that EVERYONE can be of use to these products. The basis of the results expressed a shift in 43 metabolites dramatically, determining that drinking ASEA alone created a drastic difference in free fatty acids within the blood sample. This is important because the muscles use this as fuel, sparring the muscle glycogen and the use of amino acids. Why do you want more fuel for exercise?
More fuel results in a long period of activity, maximizing efforts within your exercise period or during performance.
– Everyone Is Different! Click On The Image To See Our HUGE Document On The Redox Effect –
Why Did We Add This To The Page?
There are millions of things that an individual can be facing within their body, whether you are enduring psychical activity or not, this document allows you to understand the science on a more thorough basis. Even more importantly, this document illustrates the effects that people have had from adding this SIMPLE supplement to their daily routine. It’s not just a few people either… This is a 100+ page document, so feel free to roam around and be amazed… we were!
– This Is For Everyone & We Mean It! Yes, Including Gold Medalist Olympians –
Why Did We Add This To The Page?
Regulations on the use of products  as a competitive athlete are critical to understand and they differ upon sport, level of competition and product structure! We added this video to help you see that there is a wide range of athletes that find the benefits in supplementing redox signaling molecules. You too can be one step away from breaking through your next threshold!
– What If I Want To Increase Performance, But I’m Not A Competitive Athlete?  –
Why Did We Add This To The Page?
It is important to understand that not everyone is a competitive athlete! In fact, it’s only a small portion of us! For those who are on a self driven path to become better psychically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or through any vertical of life…. This will help you too! In this video you will see that these crucial elements that Dr. Nieman speaks about are impactful to every individual alive. It is so important to understand your body, allowing yourself to optimize the way you look, feel and perform! Take two minutes to listen in and we assure you that you’ll be interested to learn more!
– The Genetic Study That Changed The World –
Why Did We Add This To The Page?
The fact that these products can even go this far in quite amazing! In this short document you will see the FIVE gene expressions that benefit from frequent use of ASEA over an eight week period. Why is this significant? Well, other then the fact that supplementing redox signaling molecules has never been done before, this triggers your body to function in a more effective fashion on a natural level. Reducing the risks of possible side effects is always something to think about, so if you can enhance your immune system by triggering and increase of gene functions, this is simply trigger an uptrend in gene expression which a natural function! What you put into your body is important! Unleash the benefits of redox signaling molecules and become more!

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