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As our community continues to grow we are expanding throughout many portions of the world. As you take a look at our team you will see that we have gathered experts from unique categories within the professional world, in order to create the most powerful structure within any organization. You can be sure to find individuals who share similar skills and behaviors! In this place we come together to build a team that leverages all unique skills in order to accomplish one powerful goal.

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The Doctors


Doctors are becoming more aware of the fastinating science that revolves around redox signaling molecules, take a few minutes to hear more from doctors in our community!


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Business Professionals


In order to expand the network of inviduals who become part of our team we have integrated market tactics and business methods that empower each and every person.


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The Athletes


From Olympian athletes to NCAA regulated athletes and competitive performers, there’s a new way to launch your performance to optimal levels. 


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We believe that there is more to life than the traditional way. No matter who you are or what you do, you too can become part of our team!
We encourage you to reach out and ask us questions, take part in events and engage with us. This may just be the place that allows you to live the live you’ve always wanted!

Kenny Massa

Kenny Massa

ASEA Independent Associate

Kenny has a background in medical research performed within cancer cell biology. Also working in financial advising for a period of time. Now the owner of multiple companies where he leverages his expertise in digital marketing around the world.

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Chris Seidler

Chris Seidler

ASEA Independent Associate

Chris has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years! Previously leading to a 7-figure retail location within the jewelry industry, Chris now owned a digital marketing agency helping business advance with the use of modern marketing tactics.

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Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson

ASEA Independent Associate

Andrew is an experienced videographer, leveraging his innate ability to use video as a source of engagement for the Team Revive community! Andrew is also our driving force in spread the word about ASEA with the use of digital platforms.

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